Welcome to the HIMACUL website we have been talking about having a web presence for a long time now. I am happy to announce that the website has now gone live and with Nicholas Evans will be helping us to put up content on a regular basis and keep you all up to date.

We hope that the information is useful and encourage everyone to send in questions and comments so we can make the website a resource for all stakeholders in the macadamia industry. The website is also intended to publicize the work of HIMACUL and help us to communicate to potential buyers and donors more effectively.

Ground Nut Diversification

HIMACUL have initiated a partnership with Exagris Africa and Afri-Nut to supply groundnuts. For several seasons we have been planting some ground nut at small-scale but wish to expand this program with the target of growing 50Ha of export groundnut this season. The response from farmers has been over whelming many wanting to diversify into this crop to supplement income from Macadamia while the crop develops. Ground nut can be grown in Macadamia orchards or on other fields. If the program is successful then HIMACUL intend to add ground nut to their fair trade certification.